Monday, 27 November 2017

Best Biltong Salads Which You Could Easily Prepare At Home

The meaty delight- South African biltong could be used to prepare innumerable dishes, besides eating them as they are. You could prepare salads, appetizers and main course dishes which are absolutely scrumptious.

Given below are some of the salad recipes that contain biltong or jerky as one of their major ingredients and offer supreme health benefits when combined with fruits, veggies, nuts and cheese etc.
Biltong And Avocado Salad And Feta Cheese:

Get the deliciousness of biltong with the freshness of avocado, cucumber and lime juice and then get the punch of Feta Cheese (Plain Yogurt could also be used). This amazing salad is bound to spell its magic on your taste buds.

Biltong Citrus Avocado Salad:

Wish for that extra sweet and tangy effect with the biltong? Combine it with oranges, grapefruit, avocado oil, goat’s cheese, water cress and season it lightly with salt and pepper. This delicious recipe is easy to prepare and extremely lip-smacking to draw the interest of your taste buds.

Biltong Salad With Spicy Nuts:

Combine the chopped biltong with some delicious nuts such as cashew nuts, peanuts, sesame seeds, cumin seeds, feta cheese and dry chili flakes. Add a bit of salt, black pepper and smoked paprika to turn it awesome crunchy salad that has various health benefits too.

Roasted Butternut Salad With Biltong:

Have you ever heard of something like this? Well, it contains tangy butternut, some fresh herbs such as lettuce and feta cheese to compliment its appearance and taste. And when you taste it once, you would always want more of it. 

Biltong Caprese Salad:

This rich biltong salad takes only 5 minutes to get ready and is loaded with some extremely delicious ingredients such as exotic tomato mix, mozzarella cheese, basil pesto, fresh basil leaves and olive oil, apart from your favorite biltong. And this is one of the easiest things on earth that compliments the taste of biltong a great deal.

Sweet and Sour Biltong Salad:

It contains lettuce, diced watermelon, diced paw-paw, feta cheese and blue cheese too. And with such a delicious combination, you could yourself imagine the kind of creaminess and cheesiness that the dish would portray. Plus, the natural colors and extra-scrumptious nature of the dish would have all the more magic on your taste buds.

These are some of the most delicious salad recipes that have one of the major ingredients as biltong. You could obtain beef jerky in wholesale and save a lot of cost on these items when you buy them online. 

Biltong and jerky are equally applicable in preparation of all such scrumptious dish. Try them today to get the magic on your tongue.

Biltong-Parmesan-Mayo Burger- A Treat That Satisfies Your Heart

What are some of the best uses of South African beef jerky and biltong? Most of you would suggest eating them as they occur- packed and delicious.
And how about turning these dried meat products into an absolutely scrumptious appetizer? Yes, biltong, jerky or Droewors, you could add them to any of your favorite food items and turn them all the more interesting in terms of their taste. 
 Here is a quick recipe to prepare a lip-smacking burger that contains your favorite biltong and is enough to satisfy your taste buds. This is an easy burger recipe that takes only about 25 minutes to get prepared and serves 2 people.

Ingredients Needed:

·       Biltong- about 30 grams
·       Parmesan- 30 gram, finely grated
·       Readymade beef burger patties- 2
·       Mayonnaise- 3 tablespoons
·       Mustard- 2 teaspoon
·       Seeded burger buns- 2
·       Tomatoes- Thinly sliced for toppings
·       Beetroot- raw and shredded
·       Watercress (optional)

How To Prepare:

To prepare the delicious burger, here is what you need to do:

·       Chop the biltong or Droewors finely and mix it with mayonnaise & parmesan. Keep the mixture on one side.

·       Slice the buns into halves and toss them on a heated pan with butter. Next, sprinkle some olive oil or butter in a pan (you could also use a hot grill) and place the readymade patties to brown them. This would take about 5 minutes.

·       Take the buns and spread the mayonnaise, parmesan and biltong mixture generously. Place the beef patties and top them with tomatoes, shredded beetroot, and watercress. 

·       If you find it necessary, you could sprinkle a bit of salt, black pepper and other spices to turn it more interesting 

·       On to another part, spread the mustard evenly and place it on the other part. 

And ta-da- here is your delicious biltong burger that is creamy, cheesy and absolutely delicious to hush your hunger. Serve it hot and gulp it soon.

You could increase the ingredients to prepare more of it for your friends and group, and offer them the heavenly taste of biltong- something which they might not have tasted ever.

Besides normal traditional biltong and jerky, you could use the newer peri-peri biltong and chili bites etc. to add more of flavor to your burger and explode your mind.

These dried meat products (biltong and jerky etc.) have satisfied innumerable people across the world and now it’s your turn to enhance the traditional taste with just a bit of effort. 

Wait. Troubles getting biltong or jerky? Search the internet and get various online stores that are extremely reliable and offer you the best consumables at cost-effective prices.

Sunday, 26 November 2017

Biltong And Eggs- Your Perfect Sunday Brunch

It has been reported that the health-conscious men are now more often checking wholesale beef jerky prices. Why? Because this protein-packed meaty delicacy supplies a lot of nutrients (proteins majorly) and fulfills the taste needs as well.
And now, you could turn this healthy dish healthier by combining it with eggs. Yes, we are talking about ‘Jerky Omelette’, which is simple to prepare, extremely delicious to lure your taste buds and offer various health benefits too. 

Here is how you could prepare this absolutely lip-smacking dish:
Ingredients Needed:

·       Biltong- about 2 Oz
·       Eggs- 4, large
·       A tablespoon of unsalted butter
·       A tablespoon olive oil
·       Half a teaspoon vegetable oil
·       Tomato- 1, small
·       Jalapeno 1
·       About half a cup of baby spinach
·       Shallots- 2
·       Red chili pods- 4, dried
·       Salt and pepper as per your taste

Before Actual Preparation: 

Keep all the ingredients ready and dice the shallots, biltong, spinach, tomatoes, and jalapeno separately.

Crack 4 eggs in a bowl. Add salt, black pepper and dry chili peppers. Beat  the eggs till they turn to be a frothy mixture. 

·       Take a skillet and heat it. Add butter and melt it, coating the pan completely. 
·       Into another pan, add vegetable oil and add all the diced ingredients except the spinach. Stir them till they turn soft but do not turn them fully brown. Once they turn tender, turn the heat off and keep them in a separate bowl.
·       Add the egg mixture to the skillet with butter and gather the same into the middle using a circular motion. In the process, any uncooked portion could be spread evenly on to the pan and you would never require flipping your omelet for cooking it on the other side.

·       When the eggs are almost fully cooked (but a bit runny), add chopped biltong, spinach and the stir-fried mixture kept in the bowl. Cook this for about a minute more.

·       Turn the heat off and fold the omelet to serve it hot. This could be enjoyed with a delicious cup of coffee. 

And here it is- your perfect Sunday treat which has you favorite peri peri biltong and eggs. While this delicious recipe offers you the required amount of nutrients, it could be prepared in just a few minutes and without any hefty ingredients or process.

So treat yourself with this absolutely lip-smacking recipe and share it with your friends too. Biltong already has millions of fans around the world, and with eggs, you could yourself imagine the kind of scrumptious dish you could prepare.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Is Biltong Forbidden To Eat During Pregnancy?

What a critical period pregnancy is; you got to take each and every step with a measured and assisted approach, so as to ensure proper birth of a new life. In this, the aspect that receives most of the concern is the intake of a pregnant woman.

But what about the delicious African biltong? Could these dried and preserved meat products offered to the pregnant ladies too?
Yes, they could be, definitely!

Pregnancy is a period of great concern and it is highly essential to take care of the diet of pregnant ladies. However, biltong is a natural meaty product that does not contain any artificial ingredients. 

It is mostly prepared from grass-fed beef and this grass-fed beef offers benefits in hoards of manners. For pregnant ladies too, the biltong could be a beneficial consumable that is exceptionally rich in taste too. 

Benefits Of Consuming Biltong During Pregnancy: 

And you would have thought it hurts the delicate phase! Rather, biltong is an extremely scrumptious product that even offers mighty benefits to a pregnant lady. 

Some of the benefits of consuming biltong are as follows:

·       A Source of Proteins: Biltong is one of the great sources of protein- a nutrient that helps to build strong and healthy muscles at the time of pregnancy. Biltong also regulates the appetite and also supports to maintain the blood glucose level of the body. Even the researchers have proved it a safe source of proteins. 

·       Regulating Gain In Weight: Biltong contains negligible fats and carbohydrates and due to this it does not lead to any gain in the body-weight. So if you wish to maintain a healthy amount of weight in your body, biltong is an effective option for the aspect. 

·       Enhancing Brain Concentration: Due to its low content of carbohydrates, the meat helps to boost the brain concentration abilities during pregnancy. It even prevents the risk of brain damages that could be a probable symptom during pregnancy.

·       Devoid Of Any Chemical Content: There are meats that contain high content of chemicals and then there is biltong and jerky. Biltong does not contain any artificial flavors, preservatives, sodium nitrite and other chemicals etc. which are hazardous to the health. It contains only natural black pepper, coriander and salt etc. which is favorable in terms of body-health.

Due to all these reasons, biltong, jerky or Droewors etc. do not harm the pregnant ladies even a bit. Against this, these lip-smacking products could be helpful with hoards of nutrients that assist in the phase.

A Bit Of Caution:

As pregnancy is more than a delicate period, never dare to consume anything without the advice of your doctor. Get an appropriate consultation so that you never regret for what you eat in that delicate phase of having someone else within you.