Saturday, 31 March 2018

10 Important Reasons To Order Your Biltong from Bull and Cleaver

People have always been hunting stores to get their favorite delicacy- the South African biltong. However, seldom have they got the products that are absolutely natural in their form with no artificial additives etc.

Are you too searching for the best quality beef biltong at affordable prices?

Visit ‘Bull and Cleaver’. This is one of the leading online stores to get the best dried meat products such as traditional biltong, beef jerky, biltong chili bites, peri peri biltong and grass fed biltong online.

Besides, here are some other reasons why you should order your biltong online from Bull and Cleaver:

  • The biltong and the other related products are cured and dried naturally. These are never heated or cooked in any form and thus they ensure the most natural tastes.
  • The biltong has a high level of proteins. Get approx. 16 grams of protein per ounce consumption of the product.
  • The biltong is prepared from only the lean portions of meat. Due to this, expect to get only 1 gram of fat per ounce of the meat.
  • It has extremely low levels of sugar, which is less than 1 gram per ounce.
  • It has absolutely no addition of Monosodium Glutamate or MSG, the artificial flavoring agent that most of the greedy manufacturers add to increase the taste and sales of a product.
  • The biltong does not have any amount of Sodium Nitrate.
  • It is devoid of any kind of artificial flavors, coloring materials, additives, adulterants,and preservatives etc. in order to offer it a better appearance or taste. It is simple and all-natural in form and meets you exactly.
  • The biltong is absolutely free of any gluten, which is yet another artificial element to increase the taste of biltong.
  • The biltong is delivered in a safe and secure packaging and you receive it in an absolutely fresh form.

  • The biltong is suitable for people of almost any age. You could offer it to your children and it even suits the aged ones. Also, you could offer a bit of it to your pets too in the form of a treat.

Thus, the natural biltong from ‘Bull and Cleaver’ is the best choice to obtain, if you wish to get the most natural tasting products, devoid of any chemicals or harmful elements.

It never contributes to increase the weight of your body with fats, but is a good storehouse of proteins, amino acids and omega fatty acids which are essential for the effective functioning of the human body. 

Order your pack of beef biltong from ‘Bull and Cleaver’ today to experience the best of South African taste and flavors in the USA.

Friday, 30 March 2018

Smoker vs. Dehydrator: Where To Prepare Your Biltong?

The level of craziness for the South African beef biltong and jerky is beyond any comparison. However, people are also aware of the health issues which they might face when consuming artificially flavored dried meat products.
Therefore, while they order beef jerky online, they have also started preparing it at home. And for this, they generally have two preparation equipment:
  • Dehydrators&
  • Smokers
Let us see the merits and demerits of both these equipment to know better about them:

Merits Of Dehydrators:
  • These are food preserving equipment which remove moisture from foods. And not normally meats, but these could be used for other products such as fruits and veggies as well.
  • Dehydrators also obstruct the microbial activity in the food.
  • Dehydrated foods stay unspoiled longer and the taste, aroma, color and even the nutritional value may remain the same.
  • Dehydration could effectively prepare healthy snacksin very less time. When the food dries faster, it experiences lesser bacterial growth.
  • Dehydrators are mostly compact in size and take less space.
  • Dehydrators make your job convenient. For instance, if you do not wish to order beef jerky in wholesale quantities, you can instead get the meat and dry it at home whenever you want.
Merits of Food Smokers:
  • Food smokers allow you to regulate the temperature which is required to prepare biltong. And this is possible in the preparation course as well.
  • A smoker may even function as a grill for the barbeques. No doubt, it works wonderfully well with the meat products.
  • Smoking the food does not kill its taste, but could enhance it to an another level.
  • Smokers allow easy multitasking and most of them are compact in their size
  • You can easily smoke alarge amount of food in a single turn
  • Smoking helps in killing bacteria and other microbes in the food
Demerits Of Dehydrators:
  • Dehydrators may take a lot of time to dry the foods and you need to perform the job in a single go.
  • Dehydrators could lead to loss of Vitamin A and C from the food
  • Do not expect the dried food to be as tasty as normal ones
  • Dehydrators are expensive and need a good storing space
Demerits Of Smokers:
  • Electrical smokers have lots of complicated parts and it’s not easy to control one
  • Some smokers have shown to contaminate the food with carcinogens and you run the risks of getting cancers with such foods
  • Smokers require a constant maintenance with time
  • These are some of the pros and cons of the equipment which are normally used to prepare beef biltong and jerky. You can assess their attributes and get the one that fulfills your demands.
  • And if you wish to stay away from all the hassles, you can order beef jerky and biltong online from a reliable store and enjoy this delicacy as a part of your everyday diet.