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Is Biltong Forbidden To Eat During Pregnancy?

What a critical period pregnancy is; you got to take each and every step with a measured and assisted approach, so as to ensure proper birth of a new life. In this, the aspect that receives most of the concern is the intake of a pregnant woman.

But what about the delicious African biltong? Could these dried and preserved meat products offered to the pregnant ladies too?
Yes, they could be, definitely!

Pregnancy is a period of great concern and it is highly essential to take care of the diet of pregnant ladies. However, biltong is a natural meaty product that does not contain any artificial ingredients. 

It is mostly prepared from grass-fed beef and this grass-fed beef offers benefits in hoards of manners. For pregnant ladies too, the biltong could be a beneficial consumable that is exceptionally rich in taste too. 

Benefits Of Consuming Biltong During Pregnancy: 

And you would have thought it hurts the delicate phase! Rather, biltong is an extremely scrumptious product that even offers mighty benefits to a pregnant lady. 

Some of the benefits of consuming biltong are as follows:

·       A Source of Proteins: Biltong is one of the great sources of protein- a nutrient that helps to build strong and healthy muscles at the time of pregnancy. Biltong also regulates the appetite and also supports to maintain the blood glucose level of the body. Even the researchers have proved it a safe source of proteins. 

·       Regulating Gain In Weight: Biltong contains negligible fats and carbohydrates and due to this it does not lead to any gain in the body-weight. So if you wish to maintain a healthy amount of weight in your body, biltong is an effective option for the aspect. 

·       Enhancing Brain Concentration: Due to its low content of carbohydrates, the meat helps to boost the brain concentration abilities during pregnancy. It even prevents the risk of brain damages that could be a probable symptom during pregnancy.

·       Devoid Of Any Chemical Content: There are meats that contain high content of chemicals and then there is biltong and jerky. Biltong does not contain any artificial flavors, preservatives, sodium nitrite and other chemicals etc. which are hazardous to the health. It contains only natural black pepper, coriander and salt etc. which is favorable in terms of body-health.

Due to all these reasons, biltong, jerky or Droewors etc. do not harm the pregnant ladies even a bit. Against this, these lip-smacking products could be helpful with hoards of nutrients that assist in the phase.

A Bit Of Caution:

As pregnancy is more than a delicate period, never dare to consume anything without the advice of your doctor. Get an appropriate consultation so that you never regret for what you eat in that delicate phase of having someone else within you.

Are You An Athlete? You Too Could Have Droewors And Biltong

It’s freezing cold in the morning but you are up at 5 AM, huffing and puffing on a treadmill or out, beating the cold with your sweat. If this is the case, you are a true athlete who is supremely honest with his or her body-fitness. 

And under such circumstances, you would only opt for healthy snacks and energy-rich foods. Athletes highly prefer protein-rich food and similar supplements which offer them the power to sustain extreme workouts. 

But the fact is, athletes too are humans and they too have an unending desire for tasty treats. Though the veggies work great for their body, could they satisfy the cravings of their taste buds too? Very, very rarely!

Added to it, the fear of preservatives and artificial ingredients is yet another element that turns the athletes resistant towards eating scrumptious products. 

Exceptions Are Possible: 

If you are an athlete and highly considerate of your health, you could opt for the exceptionally delicious South African Beef Jerky to satisfy your taste buds. This is one of the age-old meaty treats that has seen innumerable transitions in its course, but never lost even a bit of its superb taste.

And this jerky and biltong, made of dried beef, is an exception in terms of its healthy traits too. Though the meat is cured, it does not contain any harmful preservative to pose troubles in the body. In fact, the scrumptious meaty flavor and soft texture is maintained even after a long period of time.

Exclusively For Muscle Building: 

Remarkably delicious, beef biltong and jerky contain a naturally high amount of Creatine. If you look to build muscles and take up bodybuilding supplements, you could be highly familiar of this chemical, present in most of the supplements available.

Creatine is the organic chemical that assists in supplying energy to the cells in our body. With this, you could sustain your workouts for a longer period of time, as you never run out of energy in the middle.


Also, biltong has a good content of proteins, but highly limited fat, so as to forbid any extra weight in your body. 

So if you have a soft corner for meats (say it honestly), but resist them only due to the fats, preservatives and artificial ingredients to ruin your workout schedules, you now could heave a sigh of relief. Choose the scrumptious Peri Peri Biltong to satisfy your meat cravings and even acquire potent nutritional benefits.

Protein shakes are good, protein bars- better, but none of them could fulfill your taste desires as these dried meat products do. Health foods may come and go, but these age-old dried meat treats were, are and will be the favorites of people, no matter an athlete or a regular individual.

Your Fitness Regime: How To Fit Jerky And Biltong In It

Being absolutely fit is one of the popular recent trends. Nobody loves a plump person and you need to be completely fit physically to lure the attention of people. But what if you are an absolute foodie? 

And even if you are not, what about the utterly scrumptious products that lure your taste buds? Would you be able to resist such tasty treats? But what about your physical health in this?

Relax! Now you could look after your health, even when you satisfy your taste buds with those tasty treats. And who offers to be liable for such a scrumptious and healthful treat? African Biltong does!
Biltong and jerky are the dried meat products that are exceptionally delicious in taste. You would have heard of innumerable such products, available in grocery stores or online, and in all kinds of flavors. However, though all of these are highly suitable to satisfy your taste buds, not all serve a blessing to your physical health too.

How Biltong And Jerky Suits Your Health? 

Beef Biltong and jerky are made up of lean portions of meat. Expect to find high amount of proteins and low fats due to negligible animal-fat content.
And you would be well acquainted of the fact that how imperative the intake of an adequate amount of proteins is. These help to build your muscle mass and in case you do not consume them in the required amount, your body may unknowingly experience muscle losses. 

Proteins are made up of amino acids which are known as the building blocks of proteins. These may be of 20 distinct kinds and 8 of them are highly essential for the body. They also help in repair and regeneration of cells in human body. 

Jerky and biltong promises to offer you this. It’s a good source of proteins and also provides some imperative vitamins, minerals and other antioxidants that are highly helpful for the human beings. 

Additionally, foods that are rich in proteins are also helpful to get satisfaction from your food. Lean meat from jerky or biltong would offer a feeling of fullness of belly, so that you resist eating time-and-again and turn yourself plump. 

Did You Get That? 

You would now have understood that it is absolutely simple to include tasty treats in your health regime too. Choose the most scrumptious Peri Peri Biltong to satisfy the desires of your taste buds. And no doubt, you would never have to conciliate your fitness regime, as you never intake any extra bit of calories. 

It’s completely achievable now to be a physically sound person, even when you treat yourself with scrumptious, meaty products. Turn to the healthy ones and you would have no troubles whatsoever in balancing your health and your cravings.

Monday, 10 July 2017

Did You Know These 6 Wonderful Concepts About Beef Jerky?

If you term beef jerky synonymous to taste, it would not be an exaggeration. It has always been a wonderful, scrumptious product with its closest relative being South African biltong

Biltong and jerky are wonderful treats that are famous almost all across the globe. Apart from South Africa, Biltong from USA etc. is also known for its celebrated taste. But talking particularly of beef jerky, there are some imperative points that you need to get acquainted with. Have a look at these:

Jerky Has Less Fat And Calories:

Beef jerky is formulated of a lean portion of meat, which is marinated without any artificial elements (without even oil). Due to this, be off with your notions of gaining weight when you eat beef jerky. 

Jerky Is Devoid Of Any Synthetic Flavors, Preservatives Or Colors:

With beef jerky, you could rest assured to avoid any kind of artificial element. It is what it tastes due to its natural self, and any artificial flavor, color or preservative may mar its flavor to a great extent.

Jerky Is Normally Gluten Free: 

Unless specifically mentioned, jerky is normally gluten free and it could serve as a part of your balanced diet.

Jerky Is High In Proteins:
Proteins are the building blocks of the body; you might know. And when you consume beef jerky, you could get a good content of proteins for your body requirements. These proteins are essential to hush the hunger and also work to repair the muscles after work-outs.

Jerky Requires No Specific Storage: 

Wholesale beef jerky traders could be a luring unit. They provide you this delicacy at a greater quantity and in lesser prices. Considering the advantages, you bought a surplus portion of beef jerky from them. But are its storage conditions troubling you?

Rest assured, as jerky requires no refrigeration or freezing. You could store it well in your kitchen drawer or room drawer etc.

Jerky Has Been Prevalent Since Past Many Centuries: 

You might not know it but this scrumptious delicacy has emerged from the nomadic culture. Since then, it has encountered many changes and has matched pace with the technology too, but the taste, flavors and the basic ingredients have experienced no changes whatsoever.

Beef Jerky and Biltong were almost a revolution- the herald of a new era which brought taste to meet the meat preservation techniques. Make sure you know it well and avoid the misconceptions that are prevalent with it.

How To Store Biltong For Best Results

When you ask experts, they would offer an advice to let your biltong breathe (they do, unless vacuum sealed). African biltong is a globally-renowned recipe, something which lures people due to its scrumptious self. And recently, it has acquired the incarnation of Peri Peri biltong, which is yet another meaty treat to define magnificence of taste.

However, quality biltong requires careful storing measures and this is where its breathing concept comes to play. To retain it tasty and fresh, biltong is always stored devoid of moisture. Yet, there are certain other factors that could determine the life of biltong. Let us have a close look at these:

·       Your Geographical Location: Biltong storage is highly dependent on the place where you reside. If you dwell in a dry environment, such as drier regions of Africa, the beef biltong possesses lesser chances of getting affected. Against this, areas of high humidity and rainy climate could be better foes to store biltong for long.

·       Part Of The Year: Biltong was basically prepared in the winter months formerly, when biltong boxes and dehydrators did not exist. However, hot and humid summer months would not be an apt climate to store the biltong. 

·       Exposure To Oxygen: Your ‘life-gas’ oxygen is one of the biggest foes to spoil the biltong. The meat that gets exposed to oxygen has greater chances of being spoiled and therefore it is required to keep the product sealed unless you require its usage. 

·       Storage Conditions: As stipulated, you could keep the biltong for 4 to 6 days before it develops chances of being degraded. And as a precaution, you could refrigerate the pieces in a non-humid environment. Also, an air-conditioned room could provide a suitable climate for the storage of biltong for long.

Key Inferences From Above:
Considering all the factors above, storage of biltong requires a meticulous effort. If you keep it in a refrigerator or deep-freeze it, chances are that it would lose its well-known texture.

However, if you hit such a track to increase its lifespan, taking out biltong from a freezer requires careful follow-up. It is required to place the frozen biltong in a well-ventilated and moisture-free area as it tends to release moisture on its warm-up. You could also place it on a paper towel to remove any form of moisture that emerges. 

However, freezing should not be followed by keeping it in a sealed container as it has better chances to experience rots. 

Biltong is a well-known product for its taste and you would never love to encounter a bad impression in this. Therefore, if you buy it in surplus, always be careful for its storage conditions. A slight mistake and your scrumptious biltong could turn to be a moldy one within just a few hours.